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Boss Katana 50 MKII EX Combo

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Combo amplificador para guitarra eléctrica

The Katana-50 MkII EX expands on the capabilities of the popular Katana-50 MkII model, providing more performance versatility in the same portable design. GA-FC and GA-FC EX support allows you to select Tone Setting memories, turn effects on/off, and more with our dedicated foot controllers. There’s also a line output for sending mix-ready tone to a house PA, plus the ability to link a second Katana MkII amp with the Stereo Expand feature.
Katana MkII takes the acclaimed Katana guitar amp series to the next level, turbocharging the core platform with more sounds, more effects, and more features. Cover any style with five amp characters and five
variations. Color your tones with a wide variety of customizable BOSS effects. And extend your range with the latest BOSS Tone Studio software, a power amp input for modelers and multi-FX, and many other


  • Ref : 105670
  • - Configuración del altavoz : 1x12
  • - Custom shop : no
  • - Potencia de amplificador para guitarra : de 50 a 99 watts
  • - Tecnología : transistors
  • - Stage-class 50-watt combo amp with GA-FC/GA-FC EX Foot Controller support, Stereo Expand, and
  • - line output with cabinet emulation
  • - BOSS Tone Studio software for customizing your sound with over 60 different BOSS effects, channel
  • - and global EQs, adjustable routing, and much more
  • - Stereo Expand out to link with a second Katana MkII
  • - Line, USB, and phones/recording outputs with mic’d cabinet emulation and three Air Feel settings
  • - (configurable in BOSS Tone Studio)
  • - Optional GA-FC and GA-FC EX foot controllers provide complete amp control, including expanded
  • - Tone Setting selection, effects on/off, expression pedal control, and more
  • - Connections for up to two footswitches or an expression pedal
  • - Power Control Switch (Standby, 0.5 W, 25 W, 50 W)
  • - 12" Speaker
  • - 3-band EQ
  • - Settings : Variation button, Amp Type switch (Acoustic, Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brown), Gain knob, Volume knob
  • - Multi Effect : Booster, Mod, Delay, Reverb...

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