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Star's Music
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The Trigon-6 is Sequential's interpretation and in a polyphonic version of that classic, thick, creamy analog sound achieved by a ladder filter and 3 oscillators that marked the beginning of the synthesizer era. A sound that transcends modes and styles - now enhanced and redesigned with Sequential's unique touch.

New filter and oscillators
At the heart of the Trigon-6 are three new voltage-controlled oscillators (with triangle, sawtooth, pulse waveforms) and an improved version of the ladder filter designed by Sequential for its Pro 3 monophonic synthesizer. The switchable 2/4-pole resonant filter design has dedicated drive and feedback controls that allow you to seamlessly switch from a powerful, raucous sound to a softer, more voluptuous sound with the turn of a knob.

The perfect combination
The Trigon-6 has all the qualities of the famous Sequential Prophet-6 and OB-6 synths - 6-voice polyphony, exceptional playability, ease of programming and reasonable size - combined with a four-octave semi-weighted keyboard with velocity and aftertouch. It is distinguished from its predecessors by the inimitable punch of the ladder filter associated with the 3 oscillators. It sets the bar high for what an ideal super-polyphonic could and should be.

To complete the picture
Naturally, the Trigon-6 benefits from all of Sequential's must-have sound-shaping features, including incisive envelopes, a syncable LFO with multiple waveforms and destinations, a polyphonic step sequencer and an arpeggiator. Most importantly, the Trigon-6's control panel with one knob per function lets you control all parameters at your fingertips. And with 500 factory programs and 500 user memories, you can start any project with a selection of basses, leads and pads.

More advanced features
Sequential's classic Poly Mod is also present, enhanced to enhance sound creation. Modulation sources include the filter envelope and oscillator 3 (both with bi-polar control) and destinations include the frequency of oscillators 1, 2 and 3, the pulse width of oscillators 1, 2 and 3, the filter cutoff frequency and the feedback level. A Unison mode is also present, with the number of voices adjustable (1 to 6 voices for a maximum of 18 simultaneous oscillators) as well as the note priority mode.

Dual Effects
The dual effects section features studio-quality reverbs, delays (standard and BBD), chorus, phaser and ring modulator. The independent stereo distortion adds aggression on demand and is 100% analogue.

Adjustable vintage character
Finally, to give a synth even more classic organic warmth than it already has, you have the Vintage knob, which adds variations in calibration and component behaviour between voices. The vintage character is adjustable from subtle to extreme to emulate the stability of an ideal modern instrument or a timeworn relic.

More than just the sum of its parts
All this makes the Trigon-6 a truly modern synth with a powerful and versatile sound, typical of a 3 oscillator ladder filter. It inherits the past, perfects the present, and redefines the future in terms of accessibility, playability, and manageability for a polyphonic analog synthesizer.
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Ref : 104683
- Cantidad de teclas : 49 teclas
- Tacto : tacto semi-pesado
- Tipo de sintetizador : analógico
- Three discrete VCOs per voice
- Cumulative waveforms: triangle, sawtooth, inverted sawtooth and pulse
- Pulse width per oscillator
- Hard sync: oscillator 1 can be synchronised to oscillator 2
- Low frequency mode (oscillator 3)
- Keyboard tracking on/off (oscillator 3)
- Discrete ladder filter, resonant, low pass, 2 or 4 poles per voice
- Filter can be pushed to self-oscillation with resonance control
- Keyboard tracking: off, half, full
- Four-stage envelope generator (ADSR)
- Velocity modulated envelope level
- Four stage envelope generator (ADSR)
- Velocity modulated envelope level
- Five waveforms: sine, sawtooth, inverted sawtooth, square and random (Sample & Hold)
- Tempo sync
- Initial level
- Modulation destinations: oscillator 1 frequency, oscillator 2 frequency, oscillator 3 frequency, oscillator 1 pulse width, oscillator 2 pulse width, oscillator 3 pulse width, filter cutoff frequency, amplifier (VCA)
- Sources: oscillator 3 (bipolar), filter envelope (bipolar)
- Destinations: oscillator 1 frequency, oscillator 2 frequency, oscillator 3 frequency, oscillator 1 pulse width, oscillator 2 pulse width, filter cut-off frequency, feedback level
- Replicates the characteristics of a vintage synth by adding variations in component behaviour between voices.
- Source: mono aftertouch with bipolar amount
- Destinations: oscillator 1 frequency, oscillator 2 frequency, LFO level, amplifier envelope level, filter envelope level, effect A mix, effect B mix
- Main clock with tap tempo
- Tempo control and display
- Synchronisation to MIDI clock
- Rhythmic division selection: 16th note, 8th note triplet, 8th note, dotted 8th note, quarter note
- One, two or three octave range
- Ascending, descending, ascending/descending, random and play order modes
- Polyphonic step sequencer up to 64 steps with rests
- Stereo analogue distortion
- Two 24-bit/48kHz digital effects, including: reverb (room, hall, plate, spring), delay (full-range digital delay and Bucket Brigade delay emulation), chorus, flanger, phaser and ring modulator
- Delay sync
- Full bypass to maintain a fully analog signal path when effects are off.
- 4 octave, semi-weighted, full-size keyboard with velocity and aftertouch
- Backlit pitch and modulation wheels
- Spring-loaded pitch wheel with program range adjustment (1 to 12 semitones lower and higher)
- Transposition controls for a total range of 8 octaves
- Hold switch to hold notes played
- Polyphonic portamento
- Unison (monophonic) with configuration of the number of voices, from one to six, tuning memory and playing modes
- Preset switch: when this function is off, the front panel is fully accessible; you see what you hear
- 500 factory programs and 500 user programs organized in 10 banks of 100 programs each
- Direct program access, with one button to access all 10 programs in use
- Left/mono and right audio outputs (2 x 6.35 mm jacks)
- Headphone output (1/4" stereo jack)
- MIDI input, output and Thru
- USB for bi-directional MIDI communication
- Expression pedal input for filter cutoff frequency
- Expression pedal input for volume
- Sustain pedal input
- Footswitch input for sequencer start/stop
- IEC power socket for internal power supply
- Universal operation with voltages from 100 to 240 volts, 50 to 60 Hz; 30 watts maximum power consumption
- 80.7 cm long x 32.3 cm wide x 11.7 cm high (31.8" L x 12.7" W x 4.6? H )
- 9.5 kg (20.0 lbs)
- Maple sides
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