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Caroline guitar Parabola Tremolo

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Pedal de chorus / flanger / phaser / modulación / trémolo

The CAROLINE GUITAR Parabola Tremolo effect pedal is a solid state generated waveform tremolo. The oscillator is strongly influenced by the vintage Schaller TR-68/TR-316 “West Germany” tremolo pedals. They have a tremendous analog waveform that actually changes shape with the depth control.

Beyond a faithful approach to the transistor LFO, there are a host of improvements we’ve made. The Parabola’s volume control has more than enough output to compensate for any perceived volume loss of the tremolo effect (up to +12db of clean gain), and there is a preamplifier drive stage based on the “invader” preamp of the Caroline Kilobyte and Météore pedals, so you can crank the gain and generate drive at any volume. You can think of the Parabola as an additional “tremolo channel” for your setup.
The AM mode is the classic Schaller amplitude modulation, like sloshing through deep puddles with your rain boots on.
The “FM” mode is a frequency dependent ‘filtered’ mode based on the depth control that manages to create a shimmering effect that gets out of the way of your playing.
The Speed, Fast/Slow, and Depth ranges have been improved both from the (often incorrect) Schaller schematics people post online and the real deal vintage TR-68s, and the Depth can be easily zero’d out to allow you to just use the preamp and booster.
The Havoc switch inverts whichever speed range you’ve chosen and opens up the depth control, so you can momentarily “juice” or “drag” the effect on demand.
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Ficha técnica

  • CAROLINE GUITAR Parabola Tremolo
  • Schaller TR-68-based effect pedal, with hugely expanded range (both below and above)
  • Made in USA
  • 2018
  • Perfect for classic tremolo and outer-space modulation
  • LFO extends into audio range for extreme AM and FM effects (selectable via switch)
  • Input and output gain stage for boost and drive
  • Havoc control perfect for adding momentary bursts of speed and depth
  • True Bypass
  • 9V DC Center-Negative or 9V Battery Operation

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