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Catalinbread Sidearm

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Pedal overdrive / distorsión / fuzz

Featuring a fresh take on the classic '79 "green overdrive," the Sidearm lets you tailor your drive sound to accompany the rest of your rig. The typical "green" overdrive features a combination of filters at different stages to give its characteristic sound. These have all been carefully adjusted to get a little more out of the circuit, accentuating the new Mids control and the overhauled Tone knob. The Sidearm's "hump frequency" sits at 1KHz, but the mids control sits at the typical "green" frequency of 720Hz, letting you boost or cut this band at will for a more customizable tone. The Tone control boosts lows and cuts highs when turned down, and has the opposite effect when cranked. This control sits centered at 1KHz, the same as the hump, letting you fine-tune the entire frequency response and giving you back some lost treble, or thickening up the tone if you're plugged into your amp's bright channel.
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Ficha técnica

  • Controls : Volume, Mids (Control centered at 720Hz which is the "mid hump" frequency of the original Tube Screamer. Turning this up boosts the 720Hz band and turning it down scoops out the same band), Tone (Tilt EQ centered at 1KHz. Above noon, frequencies above 1KHz are boosted and frequencies below are cut. Below noon yields the opposite effect), Drive (Adds gain, goes from clean to very dirty)

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