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Cicognani engineering LE PRISM

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  • Cicognani Engineering Le Prism - Pedal de reverb / delay / eco - Main picture
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Pedal de reverb / delay / eco

The LE PRISM is a pedal offered by the Cicognani Engineering brand.

The Prism is a powerful creative machine designed for recording studios and live performances, celebrating the heritage of Italian analog echo effects from the legendary Model 1 to the PE-603. Developed with the expert advice of Jonathan Wilson, Jon Carin and Giampaolo Noto, every detail has been carefully considered to offer the best of Italian echo, marking 30 years of our brand.

It offers 4 delay times and 4 selectable, adjustable and stackable feedbacks. Delay times are precisely synchronized to vintage models, offering delays of 78, 156, 234 and 312 ms, expandable up to 700 ms using the Varispeed setting, while maintaining perfect head synchronization. The 4 feedbacks, corresponding to the 4 heads, allow you to create psychedelic sounds and unique sound atmospheres.

Inspired by the past, a new stereo concept is introduced with a 60s/70s style mono-stereo analog converter. The Prism simulates stereo from a mono signal, reacting dynamically to playing and other connected effects. The two outputs, in opposite phase, generate a simulated stereo effect of exceptional fidelity.

The Magic of Age setting, a feature found on all of our echoes, recreates the mechanical fluctuations unique to vintage Italian echoes. Data was collected from extensive testing of multiple echo units, then used to calibrate The Prism based on the average of the observed fluctuations.

The Selector switch offers the choice between 3 modes: Echo (single repeat), Rep. (multiple repeats) and Swell (4 delay times in parallel + 4 feedbacks), for maximum versatility.
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Ficha técnica

  • Linear tube preamp
  • 4 selectable, stackable and adjustable delay times
  • 4 selectable, stackable and adjustable feedbacks
  • Simulated mono or stereo with output volume
  • Adjusting and displaying the input level
  • Mixing the effect in parallel
  • Lamp LED synchronized with delay time
  • Backlit front
  • Outputs with buffer
  • Power supply: 12V / DC / 500ma / center
  • Lamp: ECC82 / 12AU7

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