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D'addario NYXL 045 - 125 - juego de 5 cuerdas

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Bass Maniac by Star's Music

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Cuerdas para bajo eléctrico

NYXL bass guitar strings offer more thump, tone density and bending flexibility than other bass strings you may have tried before. Our premium uncoated NYXL bass strings feature superior breakage resistance, improved tuning stability, and crucial overtone emphasis. Incorporating NY Steel cores, Fusion Twist technology, and premium nickel-plated steel bindings developed with a reinvented core-to-wound ratio, NYXL bass guitar strings offer added versatility, a familiar feel and enhanced tones that will allow you to expand your range in the lower register. Designed for 5-string basses, this 45-125 treble Light/bass Medium gauge set benefits from slightly thicker A and E strings, and a slightly thinner B string compared to the Regular Light sets for basses 5 strings.
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Ficha técnica

  • Acondicionamiento de las cuerdas Juego de 5 cuerdas
  • Calibra Medium-light
  • NYXL Bass Guitar Strings are premium uncoated bass strings, offering unmatched strength and tuning stability, as well as enhanced tonal response.
  • The premium nickel-plated steel binding of the NYXL Bass features a reinvented core-to-wound ratio, for more versatile strings that maintain a familiar feel, with accentuated overtones.
  • With their NY Steel core, NYXL bass guitar strings have superior breakage resistance and stay in tune longer than standard bass strings.
  • Each NYXL bass set comes in a resealable, recyclable VCI pouch with a code you can save to earn Players Circle points.
  • NYXL bass guitar strings are made in the USA, and machined to our exacting specifications in our production facility in New York State.

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