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DCX Boost

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Introducing the DCX BOOST and DCX BASS, a pair of tone shaper & drive pedals inspired by the iconic UA 610 recording preamp. With the two pedals catering individually to guitar and bass players, these new offerings add vintage, analogue colour to a signal, as well as precise control of level and EQ. From subtle boosts and tone-tweaking to fuzz-like “cranked console” saturation, these pedals enhance anything that passes through the circuit, just like you’d expect from a great retro recording preamp.

Great care has been taken to ensure a fully flat frequency response when desired, with EQ controls specially designed for guitar and bass, allowing generous boosting of bass and treble without sacrificing low-end clarity or overemphasising upper harmonics. EQ and OD modes select between cleaner and dirtier sounds, while the Voice switch features our Adaptive Circuitry, previously seen on the Halcyon Green Overdrive and M-EQ Driver. This switch gives extra control over the high-end and adapts the voicing of the pedal in response to playing dynamics and volume knob changes.
Ref : 106743
- Inspired by the iconic UA 610 preamp
- EQ and OD modes provide a versatile gain range
- EQ controls designed for maximum clarity
- Adaptive Circuitry responds to playing dynamics
- Voice control fine-tunes treble response
- Ultra-high input impedance
- High-quality buffered bypass
- Premium components throughout
- Designed and built in England
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