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Tom oberheim TEO-5

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The Oberheim TEO-5 Synthesizer: Explore New Sonic Horizons

Immerse yourself in Oberheim's legendary heritage with the TEO-5 synthesizer. Designed by Thomas Elroy Oberheim himself, the TEO-5 embodies the innovative spirit of a synthesis pioneer. This modern synthesizer expertly blends cutting-edge technology with vintage character, offering a rich and immersive sonic experience.

Key Highlights:

  • Inspirational Sonic Versatility: The TEO-5 captures the essence of Oberheim's iconic synthesizers such as the OB-X, Four Voice, and TVS, while providing a modern and expansive sonic palette to meet the needs of contemporary musicians.
  • Advanced Technology Meets Vintage: Equipped with authentic Oberheim oscillators (VCO) and filters (VCF), the TEO-5 delivers organic and powerful sound while integrating modern technologies such as linear analog FM for unique sonic textures.
  • Versatile Effects and Modulations: Explore a variety of digital effects, including chorus, delay, and reverb, to enrich your sound. Additionally, Tom Oberheim's Phase Shifter and Ring Modulator emulations offer endless creative possibilities.
  • Limitless Creativity: With a 64-step polyphonic sequencer and multimode arpeggiator, the TEO-5 opens up new dimensions for musical exploration. The premium Fatar keyboard ensures exceptional playability, whether in the studio or on stage.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Oberheim VCO and VCF: Reproduce classic sounds while exploring new sonic textures.
  • Integrated Digital Effects: Add depth and color to your music with chorus, delay, and reverb.
  • Legendary Oberheim Effects Emulations: Experiment with the Phase Shifter and Ring Modulator for unique and captivating effects.
  • Polyphonic Sequencer and Arpeggiator: Explore endless melodic possibilities and create captivating rhythms.
  • Premium Fatar Keyboard: Enjoy exceptional playability for uncompromising musical performance.

From the studio to the stage, the TEO-5 is more than just a synthesizer—it's an invitation to create and explore new sonic worlds. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a passionate novice, the TEO-5 will accompany you on your musical journey, ready to write your own sonic legacy. Discover the TEO-5 now and let yourself be inspired by its limitless potential.

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Ficha técnica

  • Cantidad de teclas Menos de 49 teclas
  • tacto Tacto semi-pesado
  • Tipo de sintetizador Analógico
    • 5-voice polyphonic synthesizer with VCO/VCF
    • 2x VCOs and one sub-oscillator per voice
    • Stackable waveforms for each oscillator: triangle, sawtooth, variable pulse
    • Oscillator 1 sync to oscillator 2
    • Front panel dedicated X-Mod control for linear FM synthesis
    • Keyboard tracking switchable per oscillator
    • White noise generator in mixer pre-filter
    • Classic SEM filter with band-pass mode
    • Continuous state potentiometer, from low-pass, notch, to high-pass
    • Bipolar filter envelope level
    • Velocity envelope level
    • Keyboard tracking
    • 5-stage envelope generator (DADSR)
    • Velocity envelope level
    • Freely assignable modulation destinations
    • 5-stage envelope generator (DADSR)
    • Velocity envelope level
    • Five waveforms: triangle, sawtooth, inverted sawtooth, square, and random (sample & hold)
    • Tempo-sync
    • Initial modulation level
    • Freely assignable destinations
    • Replicates vintage synth characteristics by adding component behavior variations between voices
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