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VS AUDIO PANDΩRA Fuzz compact pedal is based on the iconic “Arbiter Fuzz Face” circuit but evolved to something much more than that.

Features a highly modified circuit that allows for a huge variety of sounds perfect for any guitarist or bass player. Its BASS and TREBLE active tone controls with up to 20dB each go from thin and dark to full and bright. At low fuzz settings the PANDΩRA is delivering highly defined OD tones that can push any amp without generating excessive dirt. With the FUZZ knob dialed up, the sound is transformed and the pedal delivers thick and meaty sustain that sounds huge in front of a slightly cranked tube amp

This dual gain stage fuzz also seeks to fix the input impedance issue that guitarists who come seeking the rich sound and character that Germanium devices can deliver. A unique buffer network has been built into the front end so the Fuzz circuit is like being driven directly straight from a guitar, but can be put in line with any number of effects with no issues.

As on most good germanium fuzzes, reducing guitar volume transforms fuzz into glassy cleans. The PANDΩRA is exemplary in this respect, delivering bright and highly defined clean tones that along with the MORE transparent boost cuts right in the mix and covers all the musical needs.
Ref : 103919
- Fuzz, overdrive, boost inspired by Arbiter Fuzz Face circuit
- Compact effect pedal
- Hand made in Greece
- 2023
- NOS germanium chips
- +9dB boost circuit with dedicated footswitch
- Controls : see pictures
- Connections : see pictures
- True Bypass
- 9V circuit, optional power supply (barrel 2.1 mm plug, negative center, current draw 25 mA)
- Doesn't work on batteries
- 64 x 120 x 40 mm
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