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Warm audio WA-44

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The WA-44 is a Ribbon Microphone offered by Warm Audio.

Looking for the authentic sound of legendary ribbon microphones? Warm Audio's WA-44 transports you back to the golden age of recording, delivering the iconic character of RCA ribbon mics from the 1930s, but with modern reliability and quality. Dive into a rich, warm sound experience that has captivated legendary artists such as Elvis Presley, Ella Fitzgerald, and Frank Sinatra.

Key Features of the WA-44:

  • Authentic Vintage Sound: The WA-44 faithfully captures the legendary sound of past ribbon microphones, with powerful bass, sumptuous midrange, and gentle highs.
  • Premium Build Quality: Each WA-44 is manufactured to rigorous quality standards, using high-end components and sturdy metal construction for unrivaled durability.
  • Custom Ribbon and Transformer: The 99.1% aluminum ribbon and CineMag transformer, both made in the USA, faithfully reproduce vintage sound while ensuring modern reliability.
  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for a variety of instruments and vocals, the WA-44 excels on loud audio sources and offers a frequency response that suits a wide range of recording applications.
  • High-Frequency Roll-Off: By taming harsh high frequencies, the WA-44 creates smooth, velvety recordings, perfect for vocals, brass, strings, and more.
  • Figure-8 Polar Patterns: The figure-8 polar pattern allows precise capture while rejecting side noise, ideal for capturing detailed audio sources while minimizing unwanted reflections.
  • Exceptional Value: With meticulous manual inspection and testing in Austin, Texas, each WA-44 offers unparalleled quality and value in the world of ribbon microphones.
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Ficha técnica

  • CineMag USA Custom Transformer
  • Powerful neodymium magnet
  • 2.5 micron aluminum ribbon (4.7 mm x 59.7 mm)
  • Directivity: Figure in 8
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz-20 kHz (+/- 12db)
  • Maximum sound pressure level: 140 dB
  • Output impedance: 270 ohms
  • Gotham XLR cable with Star Quad shield
  • Delivered with 3/8’ mic stand adaptor, microphone “sock” and embroidered microphone case
  • Dimension (mm): 317.5 (W) x 120.6 (H) x 68.5 (D)
  • Weight: 2.8 Kg
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