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The SYNTRX is unlike any other machine. You'll find that developing this high-performance modular synthesizer requires a non-linear approach. Without the patch matrix, the modular synthesizer will not sound at all. Fortunately for you, its design is incredibly intuitive and is intended to provide endless possibilities to satisfy even the most creative people.

Old-school control
You'll feel like you're in an arcade when you use the SYNTRX Joy-stick. It allows you to manipulate two bipolar control voltages simultaneously. Using the X and Y level controls, you can adjust the range of control voltage assigned to you in real time. This can be adjusted between -5V and +5V.

You will notice that the joystick appears as pins 15 and 16 on the SYNTRX patch matrix. But that's not all. There is a secret function... The control voltage that can be found in the user-controlled MIDI CC messages is added to the joystick voltage. This gives you greater versatility when using the modular synth.

Speakers galore
The SYNTRX has not one, but two built-in speakers. These go far beyond listening and allow you to take your sounds to the next level, experimenting with feedback. When playing audio files at higher volumes, the speakers gradually begin to distort. By using the reverb spring, you can take it a step further by creating wild and frantic feedback loops. Experiment by using a microphone directly on the speaker to capture lo-fi recordings of these ephemeral moments to add unique moments to your productions and performances.

Erica Synths understands that this is not the best option for monitoring. That's why the SYNTRX also features a headphone connector, giving you the best of both worlds. The speakers don't always have to be on either, a simple setting of the MUTE/On switch lets you decide if you want them on or off.
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Ref : 99047
- Tipo de expansores : analógico
- 3 highly accurate VCOs that track admirably over 8 octaves
- +-1 octave switch for the VCO1
- Sync switch for the VCO2
- Noise generator with “colour” filter
- Resonant VCF
- Ring modulator
- Spring reverb
- ASR/AD looping envelope generator
- Joystick controller
- Two external signal inputs
- Input amplifier with adjustable gain
- 3 VCAs
- Sample & Hold circuit with an individual clock
- Output signal filter
- Mechanical CV/audio signal level indicator
- 2xCV inputs and Gate input
- MIDI In and MIDI Thru
- Built-in speakers
- Specifications
- External Signal Inputs: 2
- VCAs: 3
- Delay Time: 1-5000ms with 1/8...x8 of clock/tap rate in beat mode
- Midi Thru: Yes
- Midi in: Yes
- CV inputs: 2
- VCOs: 3
- Product Code: SYNTRX
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