Darkglass NSG Noise Gate

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Pedal compresor / sustain / noise gate

The Darkglass NSG is a cutting-edge pedal designed to eliminate unwanted background noise from the audio signal.

Us bassists, who we adore to add high-gain machines in our signal, often face unwanted hums, hisses, and other sounds in our rig. The Darkglass NSG comes as a response to these annoyances. Utilizing an adjustable threshold level to filter out sounds below a certain threshold, allowing for only the desired audio to be seized.

With a simplistic approach and ease to use, while being highly versatile, the NSG can be utilized with a variety of audio equipment such as bass guitars, guitars, or any kind of instruments. Additionally, it boasts a compact size, making it a convenient addition to your pedal setup.

Crisp, clear output with minimal background noise, thus enhancing the overall quality of your audio. This innovative product is a must-have for any professional or enthusiast musician looking to take their pedalboard to the next level.
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  • Control: Threshold
  • Requires 9V power supply (non-included)
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