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Elektron Digitakt II

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Digitakt II is a sampler offered by the Elektron brand.

Digitakt II Highlights

  • 16 tracks Digitakt Drum Computer and Stereo Sampler for wonderful audio manipulation and rhythm arrangement.
  • Preserve or warp reality according to your desires with 16 stereo, mono, or MIDI sample tracks.
  • An updated modular workflow and extended sequencer offer supercharged versions of classic features and a whole host of new ones.

Key Features

Endless Drumming Collage

Digitakt II offers several times the power and sonic possibilities of its predecessor, with radically improved memory capacity.

Machines, Modularity, and Modulation

The Digitakt experience has evolved to offer an even more modular approach to sound creation, with five distinct sample manipulation Machines.

Cause & FX

Transform your sounds with a palette of built-in effects, offering a variety of options for sculpting unique sound textures.

Sequencer II

Mix mathematics and music with the Euclidean sequence generator and conditional trigs, providing a variety of fun functions.

Song Mode

Create, edit, and seamlessly play compositions via a playlist of your patterns with Song Mode available right out of the box on the Digitakt II.


Connect to your other gear with balanced stereo inputs and outputs, and use the 16 tracks for MIDI in, out, and thru, allowing you to sequence, play, and control entire sets of external instruments.

Packed with Sound

The Digitakt II is filled with tons of samples to get you going, with over 1000 carefully crafted options ranging from drums and percussion to melody.

Expert Reviews

  • Efficient and perfect for live performances.
  • Top-quality, rather easy to master.
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Ficha técnica

  • Audio Track Features
    • 16 × stereo or mono audio tracks, or MIDI tracks
    • 5 × selectable SRC (audio) machines:
      • Oneshot
      • Warp
      • Stretch
      • Repitch
      • Grid
    • 5 × selectable FLTR machines:
      • Multi
      • Mode
      • Low-pass 4
      • Equalizer
      • Comb
      • LP/HP legacy
    • 1 × digital bass width filter per track
    • 1 × digital overdrive per track
    • 1 × digital bit reduction
    • 1 × digital sample rate reduction
    • 1 × master overdrive effect
    • 1 × master stereo compression effect
    • 3 × assignable LFOs per track
    • 400 MB sample memory
    • 20 GB +Drive storage
    • Diverse sample library
  • MIDI Track Features
    • 4 notes of polyphony per step
    • 16 × assignable CC controls
    • 2 × assignable LFOs per track
  • Performance Features
    • 4 × trigger modes:
      • Tracks
      • Velocity
      • Retrigs (works only on audio tracks)
      • Presets pool (works only on audio tracks)
    • Keyboard mode with 36 different scales
    • Song Mode
  • Sequencer Features
    • 128 steps per pattern and per track
    • Individual pattern length per track
    • Individual time scale multiplier per track
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