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Ferrofish B4000+

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The B4000+ is an expander offered by the Ferrofish brand.

The Strong Points of the B4000+

  • Nine-drawbar manual
  • Rotary speaker (Leslie) simulator
  • 128 factory presets and 1920 user presets

The Key Features of the B4000+

Power Packed into Compactness

The B4000+ packs the legendary Hammond B3 organ into an ultra-compact box. Nobody would build a guitar without a neck, you simply can't do without one. That's why we designed the B4000+ with nine drawbars: for touch, for screwing, but most importantly: for playing!

The Sonic Resurrection of the B3

Based on one of the best and most powerful digital signal processors on the market, Analog Devices' Sharc DSP, the sound and warmth of the B3 have been lovingly recreated down to the smallest detail - with all the electrical and mechanical quirks that made this instrument a legend.

Resonance and Authenticity

Just a real organ with a voluminous bass belly, defined mids, and the necessary "scream" in the highs: The authentic sound of a living electromechanical B3.

Sound and Feel

The B4000+ simulates all 91 tonewheels, if desired, even with interconnections and mechanical wear. All in full polyphony, of course, with sweep vibrato, tube amplifier, and reverb, and - of course - the legendary Leslie. All perfectly simulated and adjusted.

Expert Reviews

  • Its versatility and ability to emulate the subtle characteristics of traditional organs make it an essential companion for any serious musician. Plus, its intuitive interface and multiple connectivity options make it a valuable addition to any studio or performance setup.
  • Whether you're an organ purist or a technology enthusiast, the B4000+ will win you over with its ability to marry the best of both worlds.
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Ficha técnica

  • Tipo de expansores Analógico
  • Polyphonic Manuals
    • Upper, Lower, and Pedal (MIDI pedal)
  • Simultaneously Playable Manuals
    • Yes
  • Effects Processor
    • Rotor (Leslie), Chorus, Amp Simulation, Vibrato, Reverb
  • Screen
    • TFT Color
  • Presets
    • Factory and User
  • Connection
    • USB (MIDI to Host)
    • 2 x MIDI Inputs
  • Inputs
    • 6.3mm Jack for Expression Pedal
    • 6.3mm Jack for Rotor Slow/Fast
  • Control
    • Aftertouch and Modulation Wheel
  • Outputs
    • Audio and Headphone
  • Buttons
    • 6 Metal Infinite Rotary Encoders
  • Construction
    • Solid Metal Casing
  • Dimensions
    • 24.1 cm x 17.8 cm x 6.1 cm
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