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La Pédale by Star's Music
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Afinador pedal

The Flowtune2 is a tuner offered by the brand Nux.

A pedal format tuner is essential on your pedalboard, and it can be compact, precise, readable, and efficient! This is the case with the Nux FlowTune MK2 mini tuner developed to be as comprehensive and functional as possible thanks to its large high-definition LCD screen, its 4 ultra-precise tuning modes, as well as its Bypass options for customizable management of your guitar/bass effects signal. And finally, it's flashy blue! Perfect for standing out and easily spotting it on your pedalboard!

A modern and ultra-precise mini tuner pedal!

The Nux FlowTune MK2 is a compact pedal format tuner designed to take up as little space as possible on your pedalboard without sacrificing readability and functionality. The new technology developed by Nux allows very fast and ultra-precise tuning (+/-0.1 cent). The tuning range is wide (from A0 to C8) and you can adjust the A4 calibration range from 430 to 450 Hz according to your needs. Its large high-definition color LCD screen will give you the necessary visual comfort to tune and display all the necessary information even on the darkest stages. The very compact yet wide footswitch offers comfort and robustness with its metal construction, just like the chassis of the FlowTune MK2!

Four very readable tuning modes!

Thanks to its wide LCD HD screen, this tuner allows four distinct tuning modes including chromatic, standard guitar, compensated guitar (Inspired by James Taylor's tuning style, alias Compensated Tuning), and bass, as well as three tuning display modes, according to your preference. The first is a very precise strobe tuning mode, for rigorous tuning of your instrument with light markers that move up if the note is too high and down if the note is too low. Two more standard "arrow" modes are also available, with or without a reference note marker. These display modes are more classic and allow for classic and precise tuning with ease.

Three Bypass modes according to your needs!

Most tuners (and effects pedals) operate with True Bypass which avoids altering or coloring the incoming signal when the pedal is deactivated. However, the signal impedance remains the same. The guitar/bass signal is high impedance, and this signal can be altered or reduced with the connection of several successive pedals or the length of the cables before being amplified. The 'Buffer' mode therefore allows passing the signal to low impedance (Hi-Z to Low-Z) to overcome this problem. At the beginning of your pedalboard chain, this correction is ideal with the FlowTune MK2 tuner to preserve your signal as best as possible depending on the audio treatments it will undergo. A very interesting option at this price point! The True Bypass mode will cut off the guitar sound during your tuning, the Buffer mode will allow you to cut off the sound or leave it on during your tuning if you choose the Buffer Monitor mode. It's your turn, well-tuned!

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Ficha técnica

  • Display
    • LCD Screen
  • Power
    • DC 9V negative center
  • Power Supply Included
    • No
  • Category
    • Tuner Pedal
  • Switch
    • On/Off
  • Color
    • Blue
  • Dimensions (mm)
    • 97 x 44 x 42
  • Inputs
    • Instrument jack
  • Format
    • Pedal
  • Weight (kg)
    • 197 g
  • Outputs
    • Amp jack
  • Additional Specs
    • Highly accurate mini guitar/bass tuner with HD LCD screen
    • Tuning Modes: Chromatic, Standard guitar, Compensated guitar, Bass
    • Tuning Range: A0 to C8
    • A4 Calibration Range: 430 to 450 Hz
    • Display: High-definition LCD screen
    • Tuning Modes: Strobe, Arrow mode 1, Arrow mode 2
    • Bypass Modes: True, Buffered, Buffered monitor (allows tuning verification while playing by passing guitar signal through)
    • Large, comfortable, and sturdy activation footswitch
    • Power Supply (not included): 9V DC negative center (MNU ACD006A optional)
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