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Controlador dj usb

The Performer is a DJ controller offered by the Rane brand.

Key Features of the Performer

  • Designed for the most demanding turntablists and scratch DJs
  • Its high-torque motorized platters, integrated Stems control, and MAG FOUR crossfader paired with 4 Precision Feel faders make this controller an exceptional choice for performance-focused professionals.
  • This exceptional machine features 7-inch motorized, high-torque, die-cast aluminum turntables with acrylic discs that faithfully reproduce the feel of vinyl record play.

Key Functionalities of the Performer

Rane Performer - Standalone DJ Controller - Variation 2

Precision Performance Mastery

In addition to the ultra-precise MAG FOUR crossfader with adjustable tension, the Performer's mixer section includes 4 redesigned Precision Feel faders. These tension-adjustable faders use the same dual-rail mechanical system as the MAG FOUR, ensuring ultra-smooth, reliable, and consistent response during mixes. You can precisely adjust these faders via the Performer's menus, including reversing and adjusting the cut-in curve from 0 to 100% for perfect customization to your preferences.

Rane Performer - Standalone DJ Controller - Variation 4

Pushing Boundaries with Stems

With its 4 unique Stem control modes, the Performer stands out in creative DJing. Rane's exclusive STEM SPLIT function automatically isolates vocal (acapella) and instrumental sections onto 2 mixer channels, giving you complete freedom to apply effects to distinct elements and add your personal touch in real-time. The STEM LEVEL feature transforms each channel's 3-band EQ into a level adjustment potentiometer, allowing you to adjust, cut, or amplify individual elements in your mix.

Rane Performer - Standalone DJ Controller - Variation 3

Extensive Effects Collection for Limitless Performance

The Performer offers over 25 fully customizable Main FX effects triggered via pads to expand your creativity, along with 4 Channel FX effects controlled by a knob on each channel. This comprehensive effects suite includes essential classics like Reverb and Echo, alongside newcomers such as Scale Down, Recycler, and Riser.

Rane Performer - Standalone DJ Controller - Variation 6

The Rane DJ Legacy

The Rane Performer is the only 4-channel motorized DJ controller designed to the brand's legendary standards of excellence. This exceptional controller bears its name from the talented professional artists who have put it to the test, fully leveraging the Precision Feel faders, MAG FOUR crossfader, and top-notch audio quality that define the brand. Cirrus Logic high-dynamic-range audio converters, paired with 32-bit floating-point digital signal processing, ensure unmatched audio quality.

Expert Reviews

  • The build quality is exceptional, with ultra-responsive pads and an intuitive interface that makes DJ performance smooth and exciting.
  • The faders are smooth and precise, the effects are powerful and easy to manipulate, and the entire controller exudes quality.
  • This controller will truly enhance your mixing and performance. A solid choice for passionate DJs.
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Ficha técnica

  • Compatibilidad iOS No compatible iOS
  • DJ Controller
    • 4-channel motorized professional with Stems control
  • Aluminum Platters
    • 7" motorized with high torque, acrylic top plates with vinyl-like touch
  • Displays
    • 3.5-inch color LCD at the heart of the platters: waveform display, library preview, Day Mode
  • 4-Channel Mixer Section
    • 4 Precision Feel faders with dual rail and adjustable magnetic tension, 3-band EQ, channel FX with 4 effects (Filter, Filter Roll, Noise, Flanger)
  • Crossfader
    • Mag Four with external tension adjustment knob
  • Advanced Stem Controls
    • Stem Split, Stem Level, Stems Pad Mode, instant Acapella/Instrumental buttons
  • Internal Dynamic FX Engine
    • 25 Main FX, 4 Channel FX controlled via knobs, quick access to Serato DJ software effects
  • Fader FX Suite
    • From the Rane Seventy A-Track Limited Edition: direct control of Roll, Pitch, and Ring Modulation effects via faders
  • Aluminum FX Performance Levers
    • 2 levers with 3 positions, 4 FX Assign buttons, 1 selection/parameter encoder, 1 mini-joystick selector
  • Sampler Level
    • Sample Assign button for Channel 4
  • Performance Pads
    • 16 RGB-backlit with dedicated monochrome OLED displays for each Pad Mode
  • Modes
    • Hot Cue, Roll, Sampler, Stems, Pitch Play, Saved Loops, Scratch Bank, Slicer
  • Inputs
    • 2 line/phono inputs for vinyl turntables or external decks
  • Outputs
    • 2 XLR (Main), 2 jack (Booth), 1 RCA (Main), 2 headphone (jack & minijack)
  • Dual USB Connection
    • For seamless transitions between DJs
  • Included Software
    • Serato DJ Pro (unlocks software)
  • Audio Converters
    • Cirrus Logic 24 bit PCM 48 kHz
  • Converter Dynamic Range
    • 113 dB
  • Power Supply
    • 100–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Design
    • Robust, tour-ready, in line with Rane DJ products
  • Additional Products
    • Comes with Performer: blueprint-style product poster, plate stickers and markers, assortment of slip rings, crossfader lubricant, microfiber cloth
  • Weight and Dimensions
    • 12.79 kg, 780 x 402 x 103 mm
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