Soma Pulsar 23 Orange

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The Pulsar-23 from Soma Laboratory is a patchable analog drum synthesizer with loop recorder and very direct sound. The four tracks (voices) of the Pulsar-23 are divided into bass drum, bass, snare drum and hi-hat and are individually parameterized. Overall, the instrument has a very organic sound, which is at the same time very direct, not to say massive. Depending on the combination with other tracks and parameters, it is also possible to create noisy sounds, sounds from the metalworking industry, but also FM sounds. For modulation there is an LFO with variable waveforms, whose frequency range reaches from 0.1 - 5000 Hertz, four envelopes with percussive character, a random generator, two inverters, an additional VCA and not to forget the numerous patch points and inputs, which could fire a Eurorack modular system. The sounds are rounded off by an analog distortion and the digitally implemented effects delay and reverb.

Intuitively playable
Instead of the chaser programming common for drum machines, the Pulsar-23 is played by means of loop recorders, of which there is one for each track. The four loop recorders are oriented to the internal clock generator, which also has divider values, and to the incoming MIDI clock. In addition, the four voices can be addressed via the MIDI interface, various CC commands are available as patch points.

As versatile as a modular system
Over 100 patch points distribute control voltages, gates, audio and clock signals to any signal inside and even outside the Pulsar-23. All patch connections are made with crocodile clips, which has the advantage that many connections can be made in a small space. For the integration of external equipment such as a modular system, there are eight bidirectional connectors for 3.5mm jacks on the front and another six bidirectional connectors for 6.3mm jacks on the rear. The large jack sockets could be used as individual outputs for connection to a mixing console.
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  • Tipo de expansores : analógico
  • analog drum synthesizer
  • semi-modular
  • over 100 patch points
  • 4 voices/tracks (bass drum, bass, snare drum, hihat)
  • 4 loop recorders
  • tempo generator with dividers
  • delay & reverb (DSP based)
  • analog distortion
  • LFO with variable waveform
  • Noise generator
  • Two gates
  • Two VCAs
  • Two inverters
  • Randomizer
  • MIDI control
  • 6 bidirectional 6.3 mm jack connectors
  • 8 bidirectional 3.5 mm jack connectors
  • incl. Softbag
  • incl. 30 cables with alligator clip
  • incl. power supply
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