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Crumar Parsifal

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Teclado de escenario

The Parsifal is a stage keyboard offered by the Crumar brand.

The Strengths of the Parsifal

  • 88 keys, with sustain pedal.
  • The Crumar Parsifal represents the pinnacle of innovation in digital stage pianos, blending timeless sound quality with cutting-edge technology.
  • Designed for professional musicians and discerning enthusiasts, this instrument offers a rich palette of sounds, from the nuanced tones of acoustic grand pianos to the iconic sounds of vintage electric keyboards.

Key Features of the Parsifal

Crumar Parsifal - Teclado de escenario - Variation 3

Description of the Crumar Parsifal

The Crumar Parsifal is an exceptional digital musical instrument offering an impressive library of 34 carefully crafted sounds. This collection includes 28 ROM sounds as well as 6 pre-installed expansions. Among its most notable features is a accurately reproduced String Piano through physical modeling, a Bechstein acoustic grand piano sample, and a muted piano enriched with sympathetic resonances for an unparalleled realistic sound experience.

Crumar Parsifal - Teclado de escenario - Variation 4

Sound Variety and Versatility

The sound library of the Crumar Parsifal is diverse, including samples of the renowned D-274 & C5 acoustic grand pianos, as well as electric grand pianos from the 70s and 80s. Additionally, it offers Reed Electric Pianos (EP), DX EPs, Clavi EPs with all microphone combinations, MKS + AP EPs, Vibraphone, and Harpsichord. With piano combo and string options, the sound possibilities are endless. Furthermore, pre-installed expansions like variations of the Venice Grand and the Vertical Electric Grand add to the versatility of this instrument. All samples are loop-free, offering up to 12 velocity layers for dynamic and authentic musical expression.

Crumar Parsifal - Teclado de escenario - Variation 2

Effects and Amplification

The instrument is equipped with a range of effects to sculpt your sound, including two effect units with options such as Tremolo, Stereo Auto-pan, Wah Wah LFO, Stereo Chorus, Flanger, and two Phasers. An amplifier section offers five different models plus overdrive, as well as mono or ping-pong DELAY, various types of REVERB with adjustable level and decay, and a semi-parametric 3-band stereo equalizer, ensuring that every performance can be tailored to perfection.

Crumar Parsifal - Teclado de escenario - Variation 5

Construction and Connectivity

The Crumar Parsifal is built to last, with a sturdy black metal chassis and elegant wooden sides. It features an Italian 88-key hammer-action keyboard with three sensors, promising exceptional playability and responsiveness. The user interface is straightforward, with a 16x2 LCD screen and preset buttons for easy navigation. Connectivity is comprehensive, including MIDI OUT, USB-MIDI IN/OUT ports, balanced L & R outputs, a headphone output, as well as a type "A" USB connector and a sustain pedal jack.

Expert Reviews

  • The Parsifal stage keyboard is simply amazing! Its solid construction and responsive touch make it an ideal instrument for musicians of all levels. The sounds are rich and authentic, adding incredible depth to performances.
  • The variety of available sounds is impressive, ranging from classic pianos to modern synths. Furthermore, its ease of use makes it a perfect choice for touring musicians or studio work. A true gem for music enthusiasts!
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Ficha técnica

  • Cantidad de teclas 88 teclas
  • Color de piano Negro
  • tacto Tacto contrapesado
  • Effects:
    • FX1: Tremolo, Stereo Auto-Pan, Wah Wah LFO, Dynamic Wah Wah (auto)
    • FX2: Stereo Chorus, Stereo Flanger, Stereo Phaser 1 (4 stages), Stereo Phaser 2 (6 stages)
    • AMP: 5 models + overdrive
    • DELAY: mono or ping-pong
    • REVERB: Multiple types + adjustable level and decay
    • EQ: 3-band semi-parametric stereo equalizer
  • Construction:
    • Black metal chassis and wooden sides.
    • 88-key Italian hammer action keyboard with 3 sensors.
    • Simple user interface with 16x2 LCD screen and preset buttons.
    • MIDI OUT connector and USB-MIDI IN/OUT port.
    • Left & Right balanced line output and headphone output.
    • Type "A" USB connector.
    • Sustain pedal jack.
    • Internal PSU.
  • Specifications:
    • Rated power: 100V AC ~ 240V AC
    • Maximum headphone output load: 32 ohms (recommended 55 ohms or higher)
    • Stereo balanced line output level: +4 dBu
    • Dimensions: 130 cm x 14 cm x 38.5 cm - 51'' x 15'' x 5.5''
  • Dimensions:
    • 130 cm x 14 cm x 38.5 cm - 51'' x 15'' x 5.5''
  • Weight:
    • 22.5 kg - 50 pounds
  • Accessory:
    • CSP-40: Sustain pedal
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