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Lag Sauvage T Travel - naturel

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Guitarra folk

With its included gig bag, LAG Sauvage T Travel is a small body / short-scale acoustic guitar featuring solid Pale BrankoWood top, Eucalyptus back/sides, Khaya neck and Brown BrankoWood fretboard.

BrankoWood is the invention of Branko Hermescee, an Australian scientist that spent two decades of research to produce a revolutionary process.
The wood is a short cycle pine from New-Zealand, that goes thru a specific and sophisticated drying/compression process, for an optimal humidity level and density.
The wood is first dried to only contain 10% moisture and then impregnated in pressure vessels with catalytic and pigmenting agents.
The wood is then dried again to reduce its moisture content by 2 or 3% before being impregnated again under pressure, this time with natural resin.
The wood is then compressed to the density of spruce for Pale BrankoWood, rosewood for Brown BrankoWood or ebony for Black BrankoWood, to achieve the same acoustic characteristics.

The high density and hardness of Eucalyptus tonewood enhances the clarity of each note. It also feels wonderful underneath the finger.
If Taylor choosed this alternative for its regular Ebony fingerboards, we can take their word for it.
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Ficha técnica

  • Acústica / Electroacústica Acústica
  • Cantidad de cuerdas en guitarra acústica 6 cuerdas
  • Color de guitarra acústica Natural
  • Custom shop No
  • Guitarra Acústica Modelos Pequeño modelo / 00 / 000 / om / Parlor
  • Guitarra para niños
  • Para diestros / Zurdos Para diestros
  • Tamaño de viaje
  • LAG Travel Sauvage T
  • Steel string compact acoustic guitar, short scale
  • Parlor
  • 2023
  • Solid Pale BrankoWood top
  • Layered Eucalyptus back/sides
  • Khaya dovetail joint neck
  • Brown BrankoWood fretboard, 20 frets
  • Scale 600 mm - 23.62"
  • Radius 350 mm - 13.78"
  • Neck width 1st fret 43 mm
  • Brown BrankoWood bridge
  • Lag die-cast tuners, 15:1 ratio
  • Double action trussrod
  • Satin finish for body
  • Satin finish for neck
  • Lag gig bag included
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