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Roland RD-08

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Teclado de escenario

The RD-08 is a stage keyboard offered by the Roland brand.

The Strong Points of the RD-08

  • This product offers the legendary performance of Roland RD pianos in a slim and easy-to-transport keyboard.
  • As the most affordable RD model to date, it provides professionals with uncompromised sound and playability, and an intuitive interface that makes it easy to find what you need during performances.
  • Plus, it's expandable: it can accommodate new sounds and functions to meet your future needs.

The Key Features of the RD-08

Roland Rd-08 - Teclado de escenario - Variation 4

The Famous RD Quality

Used by all types of musicians, from weekend warriors to touring pros, Roland RD pianos have been the instrument of choice for stage musicians since 1986. The RD-08 makes this acclaimed quality accessible in an affordable instrument with basic RD functions, with the option to enhance its performance further whenever you feel the need.

Roland Rd-08 - Teclado de escenario - Variation 5

Premium Pianos, and More

Packed with Roland's SuperNATURAL technology, the RD-08 is filled with dynamic and characterful acoustic and electric piano sounds, allowing limitless expressiveness on stage and in the studio. You also have a wide range of organs, synths, strings, and other sounds suitable for all musical styles, powered by the same ZEN-Core engine found in our best and newest synthesizers.

Roland Rd-08 - Teclado de escenario - Variation 6

Incredible Playability

With over four decades of Roland piano technology, the RD-08 delivers the best playability in its class. The 88-key PHA-4 keyboard features a weighted hammer action and Ivory Feel keys for a grand piano playing experience. Our latest advancements have allowed us to lighten the keyboard without compromising on feel and performance.

Roland Rd-08 - Teclado de escenario - Variation 7

Play with Peace of Mind

Like all RD pianos, the efficient interface of the RD-08 allows you to stay focused on playing and creating. High-quality buttons provide quick access to sound selection, transposition, and other functions, while the four multifunction rotary knobs are assigned to layering, effects, EQ, and other settings. All your settings can be saved in Scene memories, ready to be recalled with a simple touch during performances.

Roland Rd-08 - Teclado de escenario - Variation 8

Ready for Anything

The RD-08 is an ideal stage piano. Its lightweight and compact dimensions make it easy to move, and its durability ensures years of use. Its stereo speakers project rich, immersive sound, eliminating the need for additional amplification for home play, rehearsals, and performances on small stages.

Expert Reviews

  • The RD-08 is ready to meet your ambitions and future professional needs. Available as a one-time purchase of the Lifetime Key on Roland Cloud, RD-08 Upgrade enhances the instrument's factory sounds and functions.
  • Super compatibility! Full compatibility with Apple's renowned software for stage allows you to pair RD sounds with virtual instruments, create zones, etc.
  • It's a versatile and compact keyboard. Expand your sonic options with two ports for Roland Cloud Waveform Extensions.
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Ficha técnica

  • Cantidad de teclas 88 teclas
  • Color de piano Negro
  • tacto Tacto contrapesado
  • Product Specifications
    • An authentic RD stage piano with a sleek design and evolving functions
    • An intuitive interface for quick navigation
    • Lightweight and compact for easy transport and setup
    • Premium playability on an 88-key PHA-4 weighted keyboard with Ivory Feel touch
    • The renowned SuperNATURAL acoustic and electric pianos imported from the RD-2000 and RD-88
    • A ZEN-Core engine offering over 3000 additional sounds: organs, synths, strings, brass, and more
    • A stereo speaker system with spacious sound
    • Enhance the number of available sounds and functions in the instrument with the RD-08 Upgrade available on Roland Cloud

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